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This is a list of characters in the anime and manga series Bleach who
are hollows (虚(ホロウ), horō?). Hollows are the central antagonists of the
series. Series creator Tite Kubo uses many Spanish motifs in regards to
hollows and their variants.

Hollows are departed human souls
that have not been sent to Soul Society in due time, leading to their
corruption. Once corrupted, they gain a skull-like mask, a drastically
different physical appearance, and a very animalistic level of
intelligence. Hollows begin to crave other human souls, living or dead,
and scour the human world in their search for sustenance. They will
continue this search until they are killed by a Soul Reaper, at which
point their souls are purified and they are allowed to pass on to Soul

In rare cases, a hollow will lose its taste for human
souls and instead starts eating other hollows. In doing so, the hollow
gains all the power of the consumed, allowing them to evolve into
stronger and more intelligent forms known as menos (メノス, menosu?,
Spanish for "minus" or "less"). Within the menos, there are three
levels of power. Gillian (最下大虚(ギリアン), girian?, Japanese for "least of
the great hollows") are the weakest type, and usually have no
individuality. Should a gillian retain its consciousness, it can evolve
into an intelligent and variable hollow called an adjuchas
(中級大虚(アジューカス), ajūkasu?, Japanese for "intermediate great hollow").
From there, it can become a vasto lorde (最上大虚(ヴァストローデ), vasuto rōde?,
Japanese for "highest of the great hollows"), a hollow so powerful that
just ten would be capable of overwhelming Soul Society. As hollows
evolve they gain access to unique skills and abilities, fueled by the
souls they have consumed. The most basic of these abilities is Cero
(虚閃(セロ), Sero?, Japanese for "hollow flash," Spanish for "zero",
labeled as "Doom Blast" in the Viz manga), a high-powered energy blasts
that can be fired from various body parts, such as the mouth or hand.
Enhanced speed and a resistance to damage are also common of evolved


Almost all antagonists
in Bleach are, by definition, categorized as hollows. The following are
those hollows that have not attained the further classification of
arrancar. Many of the hollows shown in the series have few, if any,
speaking lines and are killed shortly after their introduction.


(バワバワ, Bawabawa?) is a giant, eel-like hollow whose mask consists of a
simple plate on his head with a pair of horns. He acts as both pet and
transportation for Nel Tu and her companions. Bawabawa tends to get
upset for not being included in the group's super sentai-styled
introduction sequences. It is initially explained that Bawabawa can't
survive without sand, which is why he can't accompany Nel into Las
Noches. Dondochakka later reveals that Bawabawa is stored inside his
stomach along with other combat-based insects. Despite his fearsome
appearance, Bawabawa is actually rather emotional and not evil.


(アランカル, arankaru?, Spanish for "to rip off") are hollows that have had
their masks removed and have gained the powers of a Soul Reaper. They
gain much more humanoid appearances in the process, as well as strength
and intelligence beyond the level of a simple hollow. Arrancar become
major antagonists during the second half of the series as they start
being led by Sōsuke Aizen. According to Tite Kubo, many of the arrancar
are named after real life architects and designers

Like Soul
Reapers, arrancar possess zanpakutō (斬魄刀, zanpakutō? lit. soul-cutting
sword). Unlike Soul Reapers, whose zanpakutō are manifestations of
their owner's soul, arrancar's zanpakutō are manifestations of their
former hollow selves. With occasional exceptions, an arrancar's
zanpakutō resembles a regular sword in its unsealed state. When
released through a process called resurrección (帰刃(レスレクシオン),
resurekushion?, Japanese for "returning blade," Spanish for
"resurrection"), part of their original hollow form is restored,
changing their appearance, giving them greater strength, and granting
them access to their original abilities.


Espada (十刃(エスパーダ), Esupāda?, Japanese for "ten blades," Spanish for
"sword") are the ten strongest arrancar in Sōsuke Aizen's army. They
are ranked in order of their strength. The members are listed according
to their known rank. The first three hold the top three ranks although
their specific ranks haven't been revealed.


* Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama

(スターク, Sutāku?) appears to be very lazy; he is seen sleeping when the
Espada learn of Aaroniero Arruruerie's death, and does not appear
overly concerned by the news. Lilinette (リリネット, Ririnetto?), his young
female Fracción, typically shows the concern that Stark does not. When
he is shown to be serious, however, his personality changes completely;
he comes off as reluctant but nonetheless willing to do what needs to
be done to complete the task at hand. The remains of Stark's hollow
mask consist of a bottom jaw that is positioned like a necklace. His
hollow hole is on his sternum, right below the tip of his mask. While
his combat abilities have not been shown, he is at the least very fast,
as he manages to kidnap Orihime Inoue while Kenpachi Zaraki and Ichigo
Kurosaki are only a few feet away.


* Voiced by: Megumi Ogata

(ハリベル, Hariberu?) is the only current female Espada. She is very calm
and rarely speaks, and when she does it's fairly serious, such as when
she tells her three female Fracción Apache (アパッチ, Apacchi?), Mila Rose
(ミラ・ローズ, Mira Rōzu?), and Sun-Sun (スンスン, Sunsun?) that being afraid of
an Espada's released form is a natural reaction. The remnants of
Halibel's hollow mask are partially covered by her collar, but it is
clear that she at least has pieces of mask on both sides of her cheeks.
She carries her zanpakutō on her back; the sword itself is notably
broad and short compared to those of other Espada.


* Voiced by: Shōzō Iizuka

(バラガン, Baragan?) is a stout, older, and grumpy arrancar. The remnant of
his mask takes the form of a five-pointed crown. He bears large visible
scars on the left side of his chin and across his right eye, and wears
a large rope-like sash with a sun-crested buckler attached to it in
addition to the regular obi sash. He appears to hold himself in a
higher regard to that of the other Espada, or at the very least thinks
somewhat highly of himself, as he begins giving orders from a
skull-adorned throne once Aizen is trapped and tells Halibel "not to
underestimate him." He has five Fracción: Charlotte Cuuhlhourne,
Abirama Redder, Findol Carias, Pō, and one who has yet to be named.

Neliel Tu Oderschvank

* Voiced by: Tomoko Kaneda

Tu Oderschvank (ネリエル・トゥ・オーデルシュヴァンク, Nerieru Tu Ōderushuvanku?),
commonly known as Nel Tu (ネル・トゥ, Neru Tu?),[5] is a good-natured,
child-like arrancar when first introduced. The remains of her hollow
mask make up a cartoonish skull on the top of her head. Nel and her
companions believe Soul Reapers, not hollows, to be evil, and as such
are afraid of them. In spite of this, she develops an attachment to
Ichigo Kurosaki and starts following him around after her introduction.
She is a self-proclaimed masochist. Nel's true form is that of a
fully-grown woman, her mask appearing less cartoonish with a pair of
curved horns. A large "3" tattooed on her back indicates that she was
previously the third Espada. Nnoitra Jiruga snuck up on and attacked
Nel in the past, causing her to turn into her child-form, giving her
amnesia, and allowing him to expel her from the Espada. When Nel runs
into Nnoitra years later and he begins to torture Ichigo, she turns
into her adult form with her memories restored. She retains her
affection for Ichigo, as she hugs him without realizing that her
strength is causing him personal injury. As she is about to defeat
Nnoitra, Nel reverts back to her child form, with no apparent memory of
what had just occurred.

In her child-state, Nel's vomit (which
she believes to be saliva) acts as a powerful healing agent. In both
her child and adult form, she can swallow cero attacks and fire them
back. In her adult form, she can also add her own cero to this blast,
doubling its power. Nel's zanpakutō, which manifests when she
transforms, is named Gamuza (羚騎士(ガミューサ), Gamyūsa?, Spanish for
"chamois," Japanese for "antelope knight"). Its release command is
"declare" (謳え, utae?). Her released form is that of a ibex-like centaur
with longer curved horns, a thick tail, and armor over her shoulders
and hands. Her sword transforms into a double-ended lance, giving her
the appearance of a medieval knight or a jouster. One of her attacks is
called Lanzador Verde (Spanish for "green lancer"), in which she throws
her lance directly at her opponent. The lance moves at high speed and
rotates extremely fast, drilling through anything it hits.

Ulquiorra Schiffer

* Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa

Schiffer (ウルキオラ・シファー, Urukiora Shifā?) is the fourth Espada, signified
by the "4" tattooed to his chest. His name stems from that of a
furniture designer named Patricia Urquiola. He has a largely stoic
appearance, rarely even changing his facial expression, and does not
allow the actions of others to impede the tasks set to him by Sōsuke
Aizen. He will attack his comrades to get them to pay attention to him,
and deems anyone he does not find of particular interest to be "trash"
and therefore expendable. The remainder of Ulquiorra's hollow mask lies
on top of his head, forming a broken helmet. His hollow hole has moved
since his first appearance; when first introduced it is at the base of
his neck, but in later appearances it has been moved onto his chest.

Ulquiorra has yet to fight with his full power, he has displayed a
number of unique tendencies. He usually keeps his hands in his pockets
when in a combat situation, only bringing them out to deflect attacks.
Grimmjow Jeagerjaques notes that he tends to stab opponents in the
chest, the same location as his hollow hole, whenever he is
particularly interested in a battle, though it is unclear if Ulquiorra
is conscious of this habit. He is very analytical; he almost accurately
theorizes the means behind Orihime Inoue's abilities, and recognizes
that Ichigo Kurosaki's power constantly fluctuates between weaker and
stronger than his own. He also seems to refrain from killing a person
unless necessary, twice sparing Ichigo and proclaiming he would not
harm Orihime because he had not been ordered to. He can replay events
he has seen to others by removing and crushing his left eye, which then
turns into dust and flows around those Ulquiorra is relaying
information to. Ulquiorra fights under the philosophy that his eye
observes everything. What it cannot see, does not exist. The name and
released state of Ulquiorra's zanpakutō have not been revealed. Aizen
leaves Ulquiorra command over Las Noches when he invades the false
Karakura Town.
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