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1)Deidara's Clay Pouch - This pouch is where Deidara stores his clay. This pouch is essential because most of Deidara's fighting comes from the use of clay figures created from his palms, which have mouthes on them.

2)Gaara's Gourd - Gaara of the Desert always wears this large tan gourd strapped across his back. It contains a large amount of sand, which serves as his one and only weapon in battle. The sand is mixed with the blood of the many people he's killed and will emerge to shield Gaara from harm, even if Gaara himself does not command it to do so. It is later revealed the gourd itself is also made of sand allowing Gaara to draw sand from within the gourd while it appears closed for a sneak attack. The gourd can also dissolve completely and be used to increase Gaara's sand supply.

3)Hidan's Necklace - Hidan is part of an Evil Gold cult. Because of this, he wears a beaded necklace with a charm that has the cult's symbol. He follows all of the strict rules of the cult, including praying before a battle and performing a bloody ritual after.

4)Hokage Necklace - Made from a rare expensive ore, this necklace belonged to the First Hokage. He passed it on to his granddaughter Tsunade. Tsunade then gave it to her brother on his twelfth birthday, but he died the next day. Tsunade then gave it to her boyfriend who also died soon after. Both men dreamed of becoming Hokage but the necklace seemed to carry bad luck. When Naruto drove himself to fight with Tsunade, she saw he could fulfill his dream to become Hokage one day. For that reason she felt the necklace had found someone deserving so she gave it to him as a present.

5)Rock Lee's Ankle Weights - Taijutsu expert Rock Lee always wears these weights under his leg-warmers. They are used both to work his muscles constantly and to give him a trump card in the heat of battle. He is only allowed to remove them when protecting people important to him or in life and death situations. When removed, his already impressive speed increases exponentially. Each weight is said to have weighed 50 pounds during the Chunnin Exam, but Lee has most likely increased the weight since then.

6)Sakura's Gloves - These gloves are worn by Sakura when she uses her fists for powerful punches. The gloves help protect her hand and concentrate her punches, which carry great strength now that she has trained with Tsunade.

7)Ten Ten's Weapon Scrolls - This is a typical summoning-type scroll but with a bit of a twist. These scrolls contain various symbols, and each symbol corresponds to some type of ninja weapon and by touching the symbol that weapon usage is her forte, they make Ten Ten a dangerous opponent. In the Chunnin Exam her scrolls only th ering e weapon appears in her hand. This allows Ten Ten access to a large arsenal of weapons, and considsummon projectile type weapons, like various knives and shuriken, and since Ten-Ten never misses with throwing weapons, she uses them to rain metal death on her opponents. After that time however she upgrades them to be able to summon other ninja weapons like Bo staffs and swords, but these scrolls require a bit of blood instead of just a touch like a regular summoning technique
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Unique Accesories
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