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 Botan !!!!!!

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* Filipino name: "Charlene"
* Seiyu: Sanae Miyuki
* Voice actor: Cynthia Cranz

Botan (ぼたん, Botan?) is the happy and perky, and sometimes ditzy guide to the underworld. Botan has blue hair in a ponytail, wears a bright pink kimono, and flies sidesaddle on an oar. These particulars derive from Chinese and Japanese mythology. Blue (usually as a skin color, but also as an eye color) was associated with the land of the dead, which was also supposed to be the reverse of the land of the living: her kimono is fastened in reverse, right over left; and girls, not strong-armed boatmen like Charon, rowed lost souls across the Sanzu River. Botan works hard, cares deeply for others, and tries not to let her friends know when she's down. Botan is not a fighter like those around her, but possesses heightened spirit awareness and spiritual energy. If fighting, she usually uses blunt weapons, like her oar or a metal bat. Botan can use any of Yusuke's detective items while in human form, as she once considered blowing up the walls with the Spirit Ring when she and Keiko were being pursued by the Makai Insect-possessed humans. Botan also possesses healing powers and the ability to create peripheral barriers. In fact she might be or at least she acts like a cat spirit.
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Botan !!!!!!
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