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Hiei's powers and personality

Hiei is a hybrid fire and ice yōkai. He has some pyrokinetic and cryokinetic powers, which grant him amazing resistance to extreme temperatures as well as limited immunity against fire and ice-based attacks.

Besides being a master swordsman, Hiei is also lightning fast, able to move much faster than human, and sometimes demon, eyes can follow. He is a master of the Kokuryuuha, or Dragon of the Darkness Flame, which he tamed and summons from the Demon Realm, using his right arm as a sacrifice, and which he later consumes to be able to call upon its power.

He possesses an implanted third eye in the middle of his forehead, called a Jagan (邪眼, literally Evil Eye; which is the term used in the English-language manga and Poltergeist Report dub when referring to it). Said implant amplifies all his natural powers, and enables him to summon both the hell-fires of his homeland, Makai (魔界 Demon Realm) and the tamer, but still dangerous, fires of Ningenkai (Human Realm). At the same time, it grants him several near psychic abilities, such as: hypnosis, telepathy, and remote viewing powers. It is hidden behind a special sutra inscribed strip of cloth he uses as a bandana.

Hiei typically squabbles with Kazuma Kuwabara and keeps a cold and uncaring exterior, but seems to hold a certain amount of respect for all his teammates. He seems to be closer to Yusuke and Kurama. Hiei prefers to work on his own agenda, and has a notorious reputation in the Demon Realm, but despite this, he is very honorable and always keeps his word.

Early life

Hiei is known as Imiko" ("cursed child"), because he is a male fire demon born to a kōrime" ("ice maiden"), an all-female race. He was born male because his mother "interacted" with a male fire demon outside her isolationist Kōrime community, which led to him being cast out as an infant and thrown over the mountain in which he was born. After surviving his fall down, he was found and raised by a gang of bandits, but it didn't last long. After realizing the value of the Tear Stone shed by his mother at his birth, he wore the Stone in full view of everyone, hoping to attract enemies to kill. As he grew older, he killed mostly for fun, causing those that survived to greatly fear and reject him. After he was rejected, he continued to wear his stone in full view, yet gathered an attachment to it, as it gave him a sense of calmness. Nonetheless, he lost it when he fought a demon, and he vowed to thenceforth search for it. [2]

Later, Hiei received the Jagan implant from Shigure, the demon surgeon, in return for telling him the story of his life up to that point in time. Though warned that the surgery would drain Hiei of all his (former) strength and that it would be incredibly painful, Hiei undertook it anyway. Afterwards, he chose to accept Shigure's lessons in the art of swordsmanship in order to survive. He did so because his original level of power, that of an A-Class demon, was reduced to that of a lower D-Class.[2]

During his stay and training with the demon surgeon, Hiei decided to use his implant for what he originally wanted it for - to find the ice village that he was cast from as a child. He also wished to find the special jewel that he had lost in a battle with another demon, the very same one created from his mother's tears when he was a baby.[3] He set out on his journey and found his way back to the Glacial Village where he was originally born in a matter of days. Once there, he decided to find his mother, Hina, but would find her friend, Rui, the woman who was forced to cast him off the village and into a river below. From her, he found out that his mother had died years ago, having committed suicide due to the depression of losing her son and witnessing his "death".

Hiei learns from Rui of the existence of his twin sister, Yukina, who left the village without explanation a few years before. However, she also told Hiei that it was assumed by herself, and her fellow villagers, that Yukina's reasons for leaving were more than likely due to discovering that she had a twin brother, and decided to seek him out. After she finished answering his questions, he simply turned to leave without another word. However, before he did, she quickly realized Hiei's identity as Hina's son, and begs him to kill her then and there for her part in his fate. After appearing to think it over, he refused and continued to walk away.

On his way back to Shigure, Hiei decides from then on to use his Jagan to watch over his sister, rather than finding his jewel. So it was, that upon his final departure from the demon surgeon, he decided to pay Shigure for his services as a swords-teacher. As payment for his teachings, Shigure has Hiei swear an oath never to tell Yukina that he is her brother. Hiei accepts the terms, and states that he never planned to tell Yukina.

In the human world

After that moment, Hiei traveled everywhere, intent on finding his sister, Yukina. His search eventually took him to the Human Realm, and it was during this time that he first met the human form of Yoko Kurama, Shuichi Minamino. Hiei met Kurama one year before when they defeated the demon Eight Hands. This took him from his quest, briefly in the form of planned robbery of the Spirit World's artifact vault. Together with another demon named Gouki, the three stole three dangerous weapons from the Reikai (霊界, lit. Spirit World), and became the targets of Yusuke Urameshi's first case.

Shortly after the heist, Kurama walks out on Hiei and Gouki. Hiei is initially furious, then diappears leaving Gouki alone to fight Yusuke. Later, the scenario is shown from a very different angle: during their partnership, Kurama allowed Hiei to push him around out of fear that he might lose his chance to heal his mother if he didn't do as Hiei said. Hiei was impressed that Kurama stood up for himself, and this may have been a factor when he forgave Kurama for his betrayal.

Sometime later (two weeks in the manga, one month in the Japanese anime version, six months in the English anime), Hiei became a valuable ally in Yusuke's third case. He helps to fight against the Shiseiju ("four beasts"), defeating Seiryu. During Yusuke Urameshi's fourth mission - to rescue Yukina - he was given the task of giving Yusuke the tape with the mission briefing. Koenma gave him this task to keep Hiei from knowing the details, knowing that Hiei would certainly kill Tarukane, the man holding his sister. Hiei would be severely punished if he were to succeed in killing the evil human, since yōkai are forbidden from killing any humans.

Hiei found out the details anyway, and almost succeeded in killing Tarukane, but decided that Yukina's life was worth more than that and stated that he didn't even think Tarukane was worth killing. Afterwards, she said that Hiei seemed familiar to her, but she couldn't place him. Hiei remained quiet and told her nothing, except that he was a friend of Yusuke and Kuwabara's, not only upholding his oath to Shigure, but also because he was afraid that she would be ashamed of his past.

Dark Tournament

During the Dark Tournament, Hiei was able to master the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, a Jaou Ensatsu technique, winning his match against Zeru in the first round in a short amount of time thanks to his Jagan. However, because it was his first time using this attack, it crippled his arm. This was a feat on its own as anyone else attempting this would have had their arm blown off after using it. Because of this, he only got to fight in four matches during the entire tournament. During the tournament's third round he was tricked and captured in a force-field of an experienced demon force-field maker making him unable to participate in that round. However, this ambush worked against the demon ninjas, because the field had an unusual effect on Hiei's arm, as it healed it back to 100% health. Later, he masters the technique by consuming it and is able to use it against Bui of Team Toguro in the last round and beat him, wrecking half the stadium in the process.

It was also revealed during the Dark Tournament that Hiei's name means 'flying shadow', which is fitting due to his incredible speed that would have aided him in the few fights he was in.

Chapter Black

During the Chapter Black arc, Hiei did not want to join the group in their mission against Shinobu Sensui at first because he felt it did not involve him in any way. Later, after saving Yusuke from Sensui's follower Sniper (Kaname Hagiri), Hiei fought against Yusuke again in order to help calm him down, since Yusuke was in a rage over Sensui kidnapping Kuwabara. He joins up with the others to fight against Sensui and is eventually trapped in another dimension with Kuwabara and Kurama, forced to watch Yusuke fight Sensui. However, his newfound powers which was equal to that of lower A-class demon that he gained over Yusuke's death weren't able to match up against Sensui's S- Class sacred energy. Hiei's energy, along with Kurama and Kuwabara's rose all the way up to a mid A-class after Yusuke was resurrected. Afterwards, Yusuke bribed Hiei with the Chapter Black tape, a VHS tape said to contain on record all of the crimes mankind has ever done onto itself and others, in exchange for helping to defeat Sensui. Hiei managed to gain possession of the tape in the end, but destroyed it without ever watching it.

Three Kings

During the Three Kings arc, Hiei is invited by Mukuro to travel to her territory and become a part of her army. For six months Mukuro put Hiei on a survival test; being forced to fight over five hundred A-Class demons. Hiei's demon energy then rose up to an upper A-Class. He then faced off against Shigure, the one who implanted him with his Jagan. Hiei was able to defeat Shigure, but lost part of his forearm which was cut off and also ended up being mortally wounded in the process (in the manga, he was literally cut in half at the waist). Afterwards, per Mukuro's wishes, his arm was restored and he was healed, and Hiei continued to train under her. It is here, that it is discovered that Mukuro held Hiei's Tear Stone, and the Tear Stone was returned to him. He then continued to train under Mukuro. When Raizen died, Hiei traveled to Yomi's territory to meet up with Yusuke.

It was here that Yusuke announced his decision to hold a tournament to determine the Demon Realm's new ruler, rather than to have individual territories. Hiei entered and was among one of the many competitors. Hiei was able to make it through the preliminaries and first round. He was then forced to fight Mukuro. Even though Hiei's demon energy was equal to that of a mid S-Class demon, it was still not enough to match up against Mukuro's upper S-Class demon energy. He lost to her in his final round, but still achieved his true goal: to rid Mukuro of her shackles. After the tournnament, Hiei askes Kurama to give his mothers tear stone to Yukina, asking him to tell her that her brother is dead so she would stop searching for him. Kurama refuses, and tells Hiei himself will tell Yukina when he is ready.

In the final episode, Hiei chose to remain in the Demon Realm, and took up the task of escorting humans who have accidentally wandered into the Demon Realm back to the Human Realm, as well as erasing their memories with his Jagan Eye.
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