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 Yukina ! !

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* Filipino Name Michaela
* Seiyu: Yuri Shiratori
* Voice actor: Susan Huber; Jessica Dismuke, Rose Barin (Filipino)

Yukina (雪菜) is the kind, thoughtful, and somewhat naïve twin sister of Hiei. Yukina was born as an ice apparition (Kōrime, 氷女, literally Ice Woman), who have abilities relating to snow and ice, light healing abilities, and tears that become valuable gems (known in Japanese as the hiruiseki stones). At some point, Yukina was kidnapped by an associate of the Black Book Club, but gets rescued by Yusuke, Kuwabara, Botan, and Hiei. Yukina later finds out about her brother, and searches out to find him, eventually finding out that Hiei is her brother in the manga. Yukina is also the love interest of Kazuma Kuwabara, although she remains unaware of this. She is called Mikaela at Philippine dub. At the end of the manga, she is currently living with Kazuma and his sister.
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Yukina ! !
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